Arlene Anderson

Teacher | Traveler | Writer

Arlene J. Anderson

Arlene Anderson biz

Arlene J. Anderson is a writer, teacher and traveler.

Arlene’s adventures span the range of performing as a lead singer/musician for an Irish band in Norway to working as a Business Lecturer at an international college in China. She has developed and taught MBA Capstone Abroad Courses with field studies in India, China and Brazil.

Arlene has co-authored several books, including Dare to Kiss the Frog: Transform Values into Action (translated into Danish and Korean), and New Scenic Cafe: The Cookbook.

She finds joy where cultures collide and connect. She believes there is always more music to play and more dancing to do.

Visit her business profile on LinkedIn at:

Current projects:

Bloom Where Transplanted: Thriving in a New Culture

The Teachable Traveler: Life in Norway, China, Ecuador and Places in Between

Arlene’s Memoir
Messy in the Middle: Making Peace with Imperfection (a memoir)

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